In order to allow the learners to step back and examine their knowledge and its acquisition methods, the IB has placed the TOK at the heart of the Diploma Programme. In fact, more than being just a component of the IB core validated by a 1600 words essay and an oral presentation, the TOK with its interdisciplinary character creates a link between the different knowledge domains and awakens the learners to the processes leading them to “know”. The TOK expects the learners to construct their personal reflections based mainly on the following two questions: “Who am I? How do I know this?”

The TOK course alternates the setting up of debates and activities on smaller scales, and the organization of conferences in which teachers, guest speakers and all learners participate to discuss various issues/questions such as:

  • How does the knowledge of history help us understand the present?
  • Is art a lie that tells the truth?
  • Do emotions conflict with reason?
  • Do experimental sciences and art raise ethical questions?

TOK Expedition 2021