School status

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) has approved the Egyptian International School in El-Marag for authorization to offer the Diploma Programme in 2019.


During the two years of the programme, our learners study six subjects chosen from six different subject groups, produce an Extended Essay, attend a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class, and participate in an extra-curricular program called « Creativity, Action, Service » (CAS).

Three of the six subjects must be studied at Higher Level (four maximum) (240 hours of study per course). The other three subjects (two minimum) must be studied at Standard Level (150 hours of study per course).

The Diploma assessment is a rigorous assessment, seeking to measure the acquisition of academic skills, but also the development of an international outlook and intercultural skills.

  • Analysis and presentation of information.
  • Appreciation and construction of arguments.
  • Resolution of problems creatively.
  • Ability of learners to maintain their knowledge.
  • Understanding of key concepts.
  • Ability of learners to apply standard methods.