The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) has authorized the Egyptian International School in El-Marag to teach the Middle Years Programme.

For years now, the IB Middle Years Programme model represented the five areas of interactions in one and a same circle.
In the old model, they were placed rather close to the center, which symbolized their role in promoting interdisciplinary learning contexts.

The new model transmits the same idea about the educational philosophy of the MYP whilst adopting a different presentation.
The circle placed near the center on the new model contains four elements:

  • Learning approaches: its presence highlights the importance of the area of interaction learning to learn as an essential component of the MYP for the development of learning competences;
  • Teaching approaches: they emphasize the MYP pedagogy, especially authentic learning through research;
  • Concepts: their presence shows how important it is that the programme is based on concepts.
  • Areas of interaction: their presence shows that learning should ideally be done in context, which can promote the development of international mindedness.

Another circle stresses on other essential components of the model.
Learning that is based on research is capable of generating an action that ends up taking the form of a service that learners make to their community.
The MYP is ended with the personal project, which now figures on the model.
The circle in which it is placed shows its consistency with the action and service on one hand, and the activities marking the end of studies of the PP and the Diploma Programme on the other.
The eight subject groups are represented without dividing lines to indicate the interdisciplinary nature of the MYP.