« I have many things to deal with is it really the best time now to learn math?! »

The power of mathematics in describing and analyzing the world around us so it has become a tool for effective problem solving.
It is recognized that our learners can appreciate the intrinsic fascination that math exerts and use it to explore the world from their unique perspective.
In the same way that our students describe themselves as « authors » or « artists », the program also allows them to consider themselves « mathematicians », by offering them the chance to enthusiastically explore and learn mathematics.
In the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), math is also seen as a way to supporting further inquiry, a global language that allows us to understand the world around us.
Our learners are expected to become proficient in the language of math and to begin to see it, not as a series of facts and equations to memorize, but as a way of thinking.