School acceptance policy:

The school accepts both gifted and all learners because the school believes that all learners have different abilities that can be demonstrated, handled and developed through a safe learning environment based on respect for individual differences and multiple intelligences.
Thus, it applies an educational program that reinforces this vision along with the International Baccalaureate Policy.

  • No learner will be refused on the grounds of race, gender, culture, or religious belief.

  • All learners admitted to the school will take part in the total school program academic, sporting, social and cultural.

  • The available number of places in a particular class is maximum 25 learners according to the school�s commitment for providing a quality education.

  • Organize a personal interview with parents with a detailed presentation on the method of education at the school and the International Baccalaureate programs.

  • The parent/guardian has to pay the fees as determined by the ministry of education.

  • The parent presents a health certificate indicating the learner�s physical condition.

  • The parent shall provide all required official papers such as birth certificate, father's and mother's personal IDs, parents' educational qualifications.

  • Parents Sign a declaration to follow the school regulations.