Positive Discipline is the most important and recent educational strategy the school offers to learners, parents, and teachers.
The programme is based on mutual respect in dealing with the child, finding solutions, banning punishment and understanding what is behind the child’s behavior.
One of the most important Positive Discipline tools is the class meeting which is held weekly and is run by learners on their own to find solutions for the problems that they face, which make them acquire new skills such as self-management and problem-solving.

Family Academy

At the Egyptian International School in El-Marag, parents are our main partners during the learning process.
That is why in 2015, we created the "Family Academy as we are convinced that together we can go further, for the good of our learners.

We worked closely with 44 parents of the Family Academy through workshops and various activities.
They received regular workshops on the latest Positive Discipline strategies so they can practice them with their children in order to have the same language at home and at school.

The Family Academy started in 2015 with 44 parents and now we are proud that the number of trained mothers and fathers in 2020 has reached 100 parents.