The personal project is a mandatory component of the fifth year of MYP and must involve at least one area of interaction.

The personal project allows our learners to perform considerable work over a long period of time, through a process that they run under the supervision of a teacher.
Learners have the choice of three types of personal projects:Writing (written production of 4,000 words), creation (work of art, music, etc.) or organization of a special event.

The personal project must be accompanied by a document in which the learner describes the approach and the method followed, and presents the learner’s personal reaction to the questions raised.

In MYP5 the personal project reflects the students learning and the outcomes of their work through the 5 years of The Middle Years programme in order to be able to enroll on the Diploma Programme.

The school has witnessed this year our first year personal project exhibition. The learners did honorable tasks and presented wonderful projects showing their individual abilities to use research skills as well as creative and critical thinking.

They used various references and resources such as internet, school library, field visits and meetings with specialists. They also presented their work to the whole school community; their colleagues, teachers and parents.

Personal Project 2021