The Egyptian International School In El-Marag not only gives a great care to academic learning but also provides a rich environment that develops in our learners self-confidence and communication skills through shows, plays and performance. Our students reflected the IB Learner Profile while performing in front of a big audience at the Cairo Opera House with two performances “Around The World in 80 Days, 2015” and “The Little Prince, 2016” in addition to the celebration of Dr. Jane Nelsen visit to egypt at Mohamed Ali Palace, 2017 . They also excelled in different scientific events such as: The International Science and Engineering Fair .

The International Sciences and Engineering Fair

The International Sciences and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is one of the most important international competitions in which The Egyptian International School In El-Marag participates every year.
The school participates with a large number of learners and is distinguished with innovations and scientific inventions presented by our learners on different fields related to the environment, energy, technology and computer science. Many of our learners have succeeded in getting the final positions for more than a year in a row.

Cairo Opera House Shows

This performance is the end of year show. It is presented by our learners, in front of the Minister of Egyptian Education, parents and representatives of different organizations. This performance summarizes all the learners' acquired during the year of self-management and social skills, as well as self-confidence. The school is keen on choosing international issues with valuable goals that develops the learner's culture and knowledge such as “Around the World in 80 Days” and “The Little Prince”.

Around The World in 80 Days, 2015

The Little Prince,Cairo Opera House, 2016

Family Sports Day, Aviation Club, 2017

The Egyptian International School In El-Marag is encouraging rapprochement between parents and children, on one hand, and between the family and the school on the other hand, through different activities. The sport’s days organized by the school in collaboration with organizers specialized in sports events were a great opportunity for our families to practice different sporting and cultural activities and competitions in an entertaining climate.

These events had a great impact on both parents on discovering of the capabilities and skills of their children, as many parents agreed that this day brings them closer to their kids and helped them to improve communication with their kids.

Celebration in the honor of Dr. Jane Nelsen, the founder of the Positive Discipline

The Egyptian International School in El-Marag had the pleasure to organise a celebration in the honor of Dr. Jane Nelsen who visited Egypt for the first time.
Dr. Jane Nelsen got the doctorate degree at San Francisco University in California. She is the founder of the Positive Discipline Association, author and co-author of the best-selling Positive Discipline Series and International keynote speaker and facilitator.

In The Egyptian International School in El-Marag, teaching life skills to our learners is in the core of our mission to prepare our students for their future through the Positive Discipline which promotes and encourages the development of life skills and respectful relationships.
This event was attended by representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Education as well as Her Excellency Mrs. Sibille de Cartier, Ambassador of Belgium in Cairo.