Daily life

At The Egyptian International School in El Marag, we ensure that our learners develop all the characteristics of the Learner Profile and assimilate a wide range of skills.
That is why they practice daily activities that are an important component for their development and growth.
These activities offer them the ability to access various forms of education quality so they can build their personality and autonomy.

Reading Day

The school encourages reading and hopes to make it a habit for all members of the school community; learners, parents, teachers, administrators and staff.
During this day, our learners have the responsibility to choose the book they would like to read and volunteer learners take the responsibility of reading to children in kindergarten and to security and cleaning staff.
This is one of the school's favorite cultural activities.

Grandparents Day, every year

Children have special relation with their grandparents and feel big affection and safety with them. The school respects this wonderful relationship and organizes every year the grandparent’s Day to share with their grandchildren various activities such as: reading, drawing, coloring, cutting and pasting games and playing. During this day, both Grandparents and kids share very special moments.

International Days

The Egyptian International School in El-Marag gives great attention to the international mindness. That is why we celebrate international days which are allocated in our school calendar.

Learners and teachers choose those days, and then a plan is put in place to define and organize the activities. Examples of the international days that the school celebrated are: Earth Day, Mother tongue Day, Tolerance Day, Mathematics Day, Environment Day and International Women's Day, in addition to the local and national events organized by the school.

Traffic city

The school in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior (Traffic Authority), organized a day for learners on traffic rules, driving cars, and the meanings of signs in the roads. Indeed, learners greatly enjoyed driving simulation and road construction.

Pascal Duquenne

On March 13, 2018, The Egyptian International School in El Marag had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Pascal Duquenne, Belgian actor of the famous movie «the 8th day» which earned him a golden palm at the Cannes Film Festival in 1996 .
Although suffering from Down’s syndrome, this visit was an opportunity to promote the integration of people with disabilities in the society by encouraging our learners to live together in the same community but above all by making them aware of the need to accept and respect each other’s differences .
On this occasion, our learners were able to prepare the arrival of this great actor in their school by participating in a debate around his film and by sharing various artistic activities with him .