One of The Egyptian International School in El-Marag concerns is to expand both parents and learners awareness, knowledge and skills toward their community with the objective to voluntarily exchange help without profit in return and act responsibly for the society to make a better world.

With 20 hours of community service our families have the chance to participate in projects presented by the school such as: Literacy project, caring for the Blind, helping the poor villages and blood donation campaigns.

The learners of The Egyptian International School in El-Marag have the opportunity to develop civic responsibilities and become more caring, open-minded and reflective by protecting their environment, cleaning streets and gardens, taking care of orphanages, organizing different campaigns and so many other projects.

This meaningful contribution to the world will live in parents and students during and after all their education. So why not make a difference in one’s life and develop a real commitment with people.

Parent’s community service

Our policy of integration and collaboration with parents at The Egyptian International School in El-Marag led to a deep change in our families’ mentality and perspective. They were extremely affected by the IB learner Profile reflected in their children’s daily actions and started to interact positively with the society.

Our parents have to achieve 20 hours of community service through projects presented by the school such as: "Literacy" project, "Caring for the Blind", “Helping the Poor Villages “, and ” Blood donation campaign” as well as many other projects in different fields

Student’s community service

Our learners are keen on interacting positively with their community and have an active role. The community service projects offered by the school allow them to present different kind of support to their community through visiting orphanages, providing medicines for families in need, cleaning the streets and gardens surrounding the school, painting walls, organizing campaigns for energy and water conservation and several projects that the school is proud of.