Visual arts in the MYP demands our learners to consider real issues and to develop skills that go beyond imitation and the superficial.
Our learners have many opportunities to act as artists. This requires them to be truly curious, in order to better understand themselves, others around them and the world.

The tools and materials found in the workshop dedicated to MYP arts invite our learners to deepen their abilities and master different techniques: graphics, charcoal, ink, watercolors, acrylics, collage, photo montage, sculpture, volume composition, etc.

On a theoretical level, our learners study illustration, the Renaissance, design, comic books, collage, art history of the 1800s, sculpture, Land Art and Cubism... secure and confident in the knowledge of art, they can put what they learn to practical use.


In order to best guide our learners, our music professor divides the course into three parts:

  • The language of music
  • Vocal practice (the study of singing techniques) - instrumental
  • Auditory analysis