Our programmes encompass many pedagogical approaches far from traditional. We focus on making links between subjects for better learning and expansion of knowledge on close relationships between students and teachers due to the Positive Discipline applied in our school. Our teachers also apply differentiated instruction to adapt to each learner’s personal needs.

In addition to adventure learning as well as outdoor exploration and continuous assessment, our learning process reflects various strategies provided for our learners, which contribute to their self-fulfillment and growth.

Brief Stories


Dr.Tarek Shawky
Minister Of Education

المنظومة دي كلها مشرفة علشان كدة في برتوكول بين الوزارة والمدرسة ومدرسة المعراج واحنا اتقابلنا مع الإداريين في المدرسة وكان ليهم دور كبير في التأثير علي الفكر اللي تبنيناه لوضع نظام التعليم الجديد.

Mrs.Esmat LAMEI
General Director, Oasis School Group

The Egyptian International School In El-Marag is the most important community service project we carried out during our journey in the Educational field. We are very proud to witness a great change in parents, students and teachers mindset.

Mrs.Alshimaa Ismail

“The family Academy” has changed my entire life. It has drawn our attention to some important facts about raising our kids, things that we have never thought about. I started to use some strategies that I have learned in “The family Academy” which were so effective.